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Seasonal Beers for 2016

Hog Hopper

Hog Hopper

4.3% ABV

The first speciality brew of 2016 is a welcome return of Hog Hopper.

A light amber coloured beer, with an abundance of hop aromas on the nose leading to a long, growing, lingering bitter finish from three varieties of antipodean hops. 

Thirteen New Moons of 2015: A series of 13 special edition beers.

During 2015, we brewed a special beer on the night of each full moon to make a series of thirteen special edition beers.
The second new moon in July (on the 31st) gave us the opportunity once again to brew a batch of Once In A Blue Moon, the first since 2012. We have numbered this beer as the 13th moon, hence the order of beers below.

Each special addition beer was available from the cask in selected local pubs, and we also bottled a limited amount of each beer.  Look out for the distinctive packaging which lists the different malts and hops used for each beer.

1st Moon 2015

Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

Brewed on January's Full Moon.

A hoppy American-style Pale Ale.  Made with 3 different malts, combined with Cascade, Challenger, Chinook, Citra, Columbus and Pioneer hops.

2nd Moon

Passion Fruit Pale Ale
4.3% ABV

Brewed on February's Full Moon.

Light golden beer.  Fresh Passion Fruits add a fruity sharpness to the taste and enhance the Tropical Fruit coctail taste and aroma of the added Citra Hops.

3rd Moon

1857 Pale Ale
5.7% ABV

Brewed on March's Full Moon

English Style Pale Ale based on an
1857 recipe by William R Loftus, Edgware Road, London. Juicy malt-flavoured beer with a growing and lingering hop finish.

Brewed in collaboration with Charles Roberts of Pickled Pig Cider

4th Moon

Premium Best Bitter
5.5% ABV

Brewed on April's Full Moon

A strong, mid-coloured Best Bitter with prominent New World hops.  Dry hopped with Amarillo and Summer hops for extra aroma.

Hill Farm Best Bitter
4.8% ABV

Brewed on May's Full Moon.

Brewed using KWS Irina barley malt, which is grown on the farm where the brewery is based.  Amber-coloured Best Bitter with malt to the fore and rounded hop finish.


5.6% ABV

Brewed on June's Full Moon.

Cold fermented Pilsner. Crisp and clean finishing. Mandarina, Admiral, Cascade and Summer hops are used through the brew length for a modern twist to a German style beer.


Raspberry Wheat
4.5% ABV

Brewed on July's 1st Full Moon.

A light and refreshing fruity wheat beer. Locally grown fresh raspberries are added. Mosaic hops give it a tropical fruit, citrus and berry finish to the beer.

CAMRA Gold Award CAMRA Norwich Beer Festival 2015 Gold Medal Winner: Speciality Beers Category.


Once in a Blue Moon
4.5% ABV

Brewed on July's 2nd Full Moon.

Flavoursome, rich-bodied chestnut coloured beer. Challenger, Columbus and Pilgrim hops balance out the malt undertones of our eagerly awaited biennial beer.


3.6 ABV

Brewed on August's Full Moon.

Light amber session beer. Balanced malt flavours are crafted with rounded hop flavours from Cascade, Columbus, Mosaic and Summer hops for an easy drinking beer.


18 Carrot Gold

6.1% ABV

Brewed on September's Full Moon.

Amber coloured beer. Brewed with locally grown fresh carrots which gives body and sweetness to
the beer. Gently spiced with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla pods for a Carrot Cake aroma.

Speciality IPA

7.4% ABV

Brewed on October's Full Moon.

Deep amber coloured beer. Rich malt flavoured, full bodied beer. Brewed with five varieties of hops, which gives the beer a huge citrus peel,
marmalade, pine taste and bitter lingering finish.


Cascadian Black

6.7% ABV

Brewed on November's Full Moon.

Full bodied resinous blend of two styles of beers.

Dark roasted malt flavours of a Stout are blended with the bitterness
and fresh hoppy aromas of an IPA.

Cascadian Light

8.4% ABV

Brewed on December's Full Moon.

The last of our special edition beers for 2015. A rich amber-coloured barley wine whose malty flavour develops into a pleasing hoppy finish courtesy of the late addition of Cascade hops into the kettle.

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